• Robyn Terry

Water birth: an unforgettable experience

My first water birth experience happened early in my career. My client was very natural minded, which means she wanted no interventions at all. Which I was all about, because really its her birth! We worked tirelessly on her birth plan, making sure each component was exactly as she envisioned. She had sage, candles, soft music, lighting and a birth tub! This was amazing for me, as I had never been apart of such a natural birth. I felt honored to hold her space, to be there while she labored tirelessly in the tub, to encourage her through each contraction. Her partner was the best I had ever seen; he kept the tub full of warm water, held her hands, kissed her face and just loved on her every minute. After almost 12 hours, baby came! My client used Hypnobirthing techniques to breath her baby down, and with one laugh/cry from her, baby was earth side! I cried with my client as she held her baby and I kissed her head and told her how amazing she is and wonderfully strong courageous she was. It was such an authentic experience for me, I couldn't believe I had actually been present for such a special birth. These parents were such an inspiration for me; they knew exactly what kind of birth they wanted and went for it with 100% confidence. I'm so happy for them and their beautiful baby!

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